Ways you can help your community

There have always been two overriding reasons why people are reluctant to get involved in a criminal investigation. Fear and apathy. People are afraid of reprisal by individuals involved in criminal activity, and people are reluctant to get involved because they feel their information is insignificant or they can’t be bothered to make that phone call. Well Crime Stoppers has been able to overcome both of those obstacles.

First – To overcome the “fear factor” Crime Stoppers guarantees that all phone calls to the tips line are strictly confidential. Callers are never asked to identify themselves. We do not use call display and conversations are never recorded. Anonymity is guaranteed.  Tip information involving the caller is so generic that when it is sent to police for investigation there is no indication in the tip whether the caller is male or female. Callers are never identified but are assigned a confidential code number.

Second – To motivate people to get involved and contact Crime Stoppers we turn to one of the best incentives…money. If you contact Crime Stoppers and your information assists police in solving any crime, leads to an arrest, the recovery of stolen property or illicit drugs you will be eligible for a cash reward of up to $2,000.00.

Learn what you need to know about making a call

Whether it is from the privacy of your own home or a public pay phone sharing valuable information you may have with Crime Stoppers is just a phone call away. Simply pick up the phone anytime of the day or night and dial 623-TIPS (8477). You can also call toll free from anywhere in the district at 1-800-222-8477. And remember Crime Stoppers does not have call display.

When your call is answered you will be asked to state what information you are calling about. Do not be afraid to ask questions if you are not sure about how things work. Once you have given the call taker your information you will be asked several questions in order to get as many details as possible about the criminal activity, suspect and vehicle descriptions and anything else that will help investigators.

When that is complete you will be assigned a confidential code number. This number is extremely important. It is the only way we will be able to identify a caller when they call back to update their information or find out how the investigation is going. Without it we may not be able to track your tip. You will then be asked to call back in several weeks so we can update you on the progress of your tip.

You may also submit a webtip from your own computer. Simply go to and follwop the prompts to give your information. It will be sent to our computerized program after the I.P. address has been stripped so we have no way to trace where your computer is and your identity is protected. One we get your tip, we will be able to communicate with you on the computer to get more information, clarify details or update you if you are eligible for a reward.

Successful Tip or Unsuccessful Tip

When you call back a number of things will likely have happened. Either the investigation is complete and the tip was successful or unsuccessful. Or the tip requires further investigation by the policing agency it has been sent to. If that's the case you may be asked if there is any further information that can be added to the tip. Now if the tip is successful you are eligible for a cash reward. The amount of that reward will depend on several factors:

  • what type of crime it was
  • the number of people arrested
  • the seriousness of the offence
  • and if any drugs or stolen property were recovered

The maximum reward paid out is $2,000.00. A reward will be recommended and submitted for approval to the appropriate Committee. Once that has taken place you will be asked to call back and arrangements will be made for you to pick up your cash reward. It is that simple.

In the event that your tip is not successful hopefully we would be in a position to make you aware of the reasons why.

Here are some other ways to Contact Us

The telephone is not the only way that people have passed on information to Crime Stoppers. As of October, 2005 Thunder Bay District Crime Stoppers is taking confidential information through a link on our Website at Click on the link and follow the instructions to give your information anonymously. You may also go directly to This site will allow you to send a webtip directly to us and allow for open communication between our coordinators and you. The I.P. address is striped off of your message to us so your identity will remain anonymous.


We have also received information through the mail. While we will take the information it poses certain problems.

Mailed In Tips - This type of information usually comes from concerned citizens who are not interested in collecting reward money. They may be concerned about drug trafficking in their neighbourhood or some suspicious activity they may have noticed. As long as there is no return address, name or phone number on the envelope or letter from the sender this information will still be recorded and sent to the proper policing agency for investigation. The problem is that the sender will never receive a code number, therefore, they would never be able to pick up a cash reward.

Again, your best option is always use the telephone or the Website.