Student Crime Stoppers Program

Looking for something to be involved in this school year?  Are you interested in being involved in community events and special projects?  Are you interested in law enforcement?  Consider joining the Student Crime Stoppers.

The student committee will work alongside Thunder Bay District Crime Stoppers to promote the program in their own school and in the community.

The commitment is minimal and is flexible to meet any schedule.  Students wishing to be a part of the committee are welcomed and encouraged to attend.

Please contact your school office to get more information about the program. It takes everyone in the community to be part of keeping our schools and city safety.

Do your part to promote the Crime Stoppers program designed to help stop criminals and promote crime prevention.

Current Activities:

  • Educate students about the Crime Stoppers Program
  • Promote crime prevention campaigns with Crime Stoppers and local Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Participate in community Crime Stoppers promotions like the Santa Claus Parade
  • Volunteer at Crime Stoppers Fundraising events like the Clean Out Your Cabinets initiative
  • Team up with your committee to create a message for the Safe Schools Video Contest
  • Promote the Crime Stoppers program within your school
  • Much more!!!

Programs currently running at:

    • St. Ignatius High School
    • St. Patrick’s High School
    • Hammarskjold High School
    • Sir Winston Churchill C V I
    • Superior C V I
    • Westgate C V I
    • Dennis Franklin Cromarty High School

For More Information Contact: Julie Tilbury @ 684-1310 or

Dealing Drugs In School - Superior CVI - 2015

Cyber Bullying - Dennis Franklin Cromarty High School - 2015

Sticks & Stones - Westgate High School - 2015

Stand Up - St Patrick's High School - 2015

Keeping Your School Safe - St. Ignatius High School - 2015

After School Tomorrow - Hammarskjold High School - 2015

2015 WINNING ENTRY - First They Came Sir Winston Churchill CVI

Safe Schools Video Challenge 2015 - Behind the Scenes